In The Jazzy Limelight

The Jazz in M.E.E. had been hearing the buzz around town about this new, up and coming, artist that we needed to meet. After a chat with Mark Copeland, keyboard extraordinaire, his feedback compelled me and I could not resist….So I popped in one night unannounced at Café 4212 to take a listen to Stephen Richard.

I feel that this analogy best describes my introduction to this jazzy star. He has been twinkling in the Houston sky for sometime, before we got a glimpse of him. We now have discovered Stephen; his musical talents, his dedication, and his inclusive commitment to jazz. and its longevity. We would now like to welcome him into our JAZZ IN M.E.E. family and introduce him to you in the Jazzy Limelight!

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In The Jazzy Limelight – Read about Stephen Richard in September’s issue